Born in Tel Aviv, 1955.

Studied sculpture and ceramics at "Basis school for art & culture", as well as with the teachers Shulamit Hartal, Smadar Fink, and ester Hershkowitz ("Jinj").

Exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, in Israel and around the world. Her works are sold at Israel's leading galleries.

"I am a multidisciplinary artist. In my work I use various kinds of materials, in a style which combines the figurative along with the abstract. I view my art as part of a life destiny, a gift I was given, which has the power to connect the material with the spiritual.

I never plan ahead what I am about to create… I don't use sketches, and I don't even know what kind of figure is about to be born. I returned to working with clay because I felt a need to connect more deeply with earth, but also to the softness and flexibility found in this material. I touch it and from within me, almost unwillingly, various figures and characters are created. In turn, these characters open up for me an alternative universe, placed somewhere in between dream and reality. These characters talk and express themselves, revealing a dimension of play and imagination".

Kaplan dedicates all profit from her works to NATAL ”- a non-profit organization for treating trauma victims of war and terror. this being in line with her view of the artist's role as an integral, active part of her community.

Kaplan is married to Yoav. She is a mother to Aya, Neta, and Hadas, and has three grandchildren. She lives in Herzliya.